Christian Aberle "Back-to-Back"


The phrase Back-to-Back means two DJs, doing a set together and stems from the time when all DJs played vinyl: While one was handling the decks the other turned to the record box, searching for the next tune. Even though the term indicates two persons not facing each other, it expresses an act of intense togetherness, intertwine and entanglement. The same applies for Christian Aberle’s edition.
Two silk scarfs are loosely assembled to each other – back to back – and with an offset, so the one below always lurks out on two juxtapositional sides. The fabric’s transparency even allows to guess the other’s motive.
Both designs are based on repeating, area-filling patterns. The composition of the sinister scarf was adapted from a Tartan or Keffiyeh inspired textile grid. The rugged, pixelated resolution of the surface was generated in a quick, digital act of chance. The sharp-edged outlines are the result of tiresome cleanup of self-caused visual arbitrariness. The ornate motive combines six recurring gender bending selfie-collages, colourful dashes and countless oscillating, golden and silvery dots. The details are hardly recognisable – but they do not need to be. Their secondary purpose is to surprise, when being noticed, but primarily they are destined to add up and constitute a decisive stadium of transformation.

Back-to-Back (2021)
Edition of 6 + 2 APs
Silk tapestry
100 x 100 cm / 39.4 x 39.4 inch