Presenting CHAIN LETTER #1

Cigdem Aky, Marc Brandenburg, Eliza Douglas, Leni Hoffmann, Arthur Jafa, Johanna von Monkiewitsch, Hugo Holger Schneider, Berit Schneidereit, Rosemarie Trockel, Viron Erol Vert, Jorinde Voigt und Peter Zimmermann



Presenting Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse, Daniel Baker, Paulina Hoffmann, Alicja Kwade, Frédéric Leemans, Björn Schülke, Rosemarie Trockel



Christian Aberle, Albrecht Fuchs, Frédéric Leemans, Liliane Lijn, Jonathan Meese, Björn Schülke, Rosemarie Trockel, Johannes Wohnseifer


Presenting Jonathan Meese


The edition “Über-Richarddaddy Jacke de Large” are three different prints of classical Richard Wagner portraits, draped with adidas (edition of 3 + 2 APs each).

A series of acrylic paintings on print served as templates for the edition and have the same name. As “Über-Richarddaddy”-paper doll Wagner poses seriously in a exaggeration of Jonathan Meeses black and white „uniform“ with the three lines. Is it an embrace? Possibly yes.


Presenting Johannes Wohnseifer


All of his works are characterized by an interest in transitory structures and motion.
So the artist shifts bellows, usually used in busses or airports – transport vehicles or locations of passage – into an exhibition context; as self-supporting, modular sculpture. Four 4.5 meters long and 2.1 meters high modules can be zipped together to form an up to twelve meters long spatial structure. Its translucent, perforated fabric is printed with bomber jacket and password motives and coated with orange colour on the inside.
The context of motion is set against the studio, as a location of a continuous workflow, of collecting and archiving. The passwords were the topic and formal elements of one of Wohnseifer’s former series; as well as the historical exploration of the 1990s and the fashion designer Helmut Lang.

The motives of the second edition – 12 b/w subli-transfer prints on network fabric, also come from the template archive of the artist. In each of them Wohnseifer overrides the rigour of the casually photographed grids and patterns in a subtle play with shadow and light. Like the bellows they can be zipped together to create a total picture of up to 2 x 1.5 meters.

For the third edition original, second-used flippers were provided with painted canvas (another referral to the artist’s studio) and embroideries on the handles. It involves three versions: VW, Audi and Porsche, each with a number of 4 copies + 2 ap.

Additionally to the works of Johannes Wohnseifer LRRH_ shows editions by Katharina Grosse, Anselm Reyle, Caroline Kryzecki, Marc Brandenburg, Huang Rui, Alicja Kwade, Christian Aberle and others.

Caroline Kryzecki
JAC – KSZ 50/35–69 (2018)

Johannes Wohnseifer
Reifentaschen (2018),


Presenting Mike Meiré

As part of Art Cologne 2017, LRRH_ ART EDITION BY presents the exclusive silk scarf edition “Les Blondes” by Mike Meiré. The design of the edition is embedded in the overall design of the trade fair appearance, for which the artist developed his own – fictitious – corporate identity.

The stand appears like a luxury boutique. Carpeting, golden reflective surfaces are contrasted by a simple brass rod over which the silk scarves are draped. In the center there is a neon installation on which the five designs of the artist edition hang.
On the printed silk scarves, Meiré contrasts the learned codes of the high culture, which stands for elegance and beauty, with the image of a cigarette filter rolled into a flat surface: a symbol of a traditional addictive culture that today stands more for neglect than for pleasure.

The motif of the brand “Gauloises Blondes” sometimes censors the nudity of antique-looking statues as a modern fig leaf, sometimes it dissolves into abstract patterns that only quote the color of the cigarette filter. The different ways we deal with the same motif questions our viewing habits and emphasizes the dependence of our recognition on learned patterns. The inferior motif initially seems like a mistake, but it is precisely from the radical anti-aesthetics that the power of the compositions unfolds, which stylize the filter itself into an icon.
The questioning of our visual value system runs as a constant through Mike Meiré’s work. Low meets high, symbols of instinctiveness meet the strictly geometric vocabulary of forms of Bauhaus and Constructivism.

A special edition consisting of 4 + 1 unique pieces continues the motif of the cigarette filter and is aestheticized in the manner of a luxury good. The gold rim that adorns the original by Gauloises can be found on the four individual pieces with screen printing, the fifth is hand-embroidered. These are made in the format 100 x 100 cm.
The five scarves of the artist edition are available in the format 100 x 100 cm, three of the motifs are also available as small pocket squares in the format 40 x 40 cm.