chapter_¹/ Metal Mesh #2

20 Nov 2021, 6 – 9 pm

21 Nov 2021 – 11 May 2022

Katharina Grosse
While Many

Paulina Hoffmann
Störung des Gebräuchlichen


While Many


“For me, contemplating the world has always been linked with simultaneously doing something in it, with it or to it. Painting makes possible the simultaneity of imagining and acting.”

Like Beautiful (a 12-piece edition Grosse designed for LRRH_ in 2020) While Many is made of a photograph printed on metal mesh, yet on a much greater scale. The printed image represents a new branch in Grosse’s exploration of haptic painting and the transformative impact of colour.

The image is chosen from a series of photographs showing situations or actions, connected to Grosse’s painting practice in some way or another. Depicting a moment, where the boundaries between the artist’s body and the material blur in the act of painting, it oscillates between surface, texture, image and object, order and disorder, destruction and creation, tension and release, forced and free-flowing movement.

Printed on a 5.6 x 7.5 m piece of metal mesh and suspended – lushly draped – from the wall, the objective legibility of the image is obscured, focusing the generative possibilities of that which is no longer or not yet visible. Further, the glittering image is in constant flux, as the metal reflections resonate with the viewer’s movement. In reference to Leibniz’s concept of the folding of time, space and movement While Many invites us to experience reality as processual and malleable.

LRRH_ Katharina Grosse November
November 2021
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December 2021
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January 2022

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February 2022

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March 2022


Störung des Gebräuchlichen


Paulina Hoffmann‘s installation Störung des Gebräuchlichen in the Attic Showroom was created entirely on site – the alliance with the environment is important to the artist. She used the same materials here as in Protektion, which will, a.o. LRRH_ editions, be shown in the Ground Showroom.
Hoffmann has joined black PVC fragments, held together by white seams, to form organisms hanging on hooks. These unite two antagonists in the industrial aspect of PVC and the craftsmanship of the seams, reflecting the conflict between an ever faster world and the desire to slow down. The material finds new forms – beyond its original use and benefits. This creates something that eludes our vocabulary and our urge for explicability and initiates free associations.

Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"

Marc Brandenburg, Katharina Grosse, Paulina Hoffmann, Frédéric Leemans, Lucy McKenzie, Huang Rui, Rosemarie Trockel, Johannes Wohnseifer and Richard Woods

LRRH_Aerial Cube #2 Nov 21 - Mar 22