10 November 2023

16 Nov 2023 – 12 Apr 2024


Everything Begins with Nature and Ends at the Supermarket

From November 2023 to March 2024 LRRH_ Aerial hosts Marion Baruch‘s installation Everything Begins with Nature and Ends at the Supermarket. The main piece of the show is one of Baruch‘s so-called Sculptures that she has been making since 2013 and in which she uses textile leftovers from the clothing industry.

The new installation at the Ground space is one of the biggest Baruch produced since the three versions of the work Traiettorie (2020) or the 35 metres long wall installation Entrare nel linguaggio (2019) and Abbraccio lo spazio e lo attraverso (2018). This new work is also introducing a slightly different attitude as it comprehends a produced material – a band of printed out semi-transparent veil. It is an homage to her earlier work, when during the early 1990s Marion Baruch was acting as a brand, NAME DIFFUSION, dealing with the idea of industrial production and becoming a factory herself. The work contains the same irony as the historical works, as well as a positive attitude, which is her trademark. Marion Baruch is a “believer of the future” as Giovanni Carmine, Unlimited Curator at Art Basel, described her in an interview for the Financial Times.

Two three-piece LRRH_ art editions were produced to accompany her expansive installation: Foliage #1 (three-layered flag & two T-shirts) and Foliage #2 (three-layered flag & two trousers), five coulour variations, ed. 5 & 3 APs each.

The principle of the title is to use the idea of the mimicry pattern of a foliage as a simplification of the concept of Marion‘s work Devenir Feuillage. The word Foliage already potentially contains the idea of a multiplicity and multitude, or the rest of production of a tree. Combining the word Foliage with definitions every edition becomes something else. This principle also becomes evident in the text printed on the fabrics. Different categories of human activities are listed and combined with adjectives; the Hashtag # brings both words together, knotting them to the conceptual fabric construction.
The diagonal lines of the text repeat the same sentence: Everything Begins with Nature and Ends at the Supermarket.

Difference and repetition is one of Marion Baruch‘s favourite principles. The Foliage-editions are combining the different textile prints, cut to obtain the parts of a pair of trousers, a T-shaped shirt and a corresponding flag with the negative shape of the trousers and the T-shirt respectively.

We consider Marion Baruch a figure in art whose importance and relevance cannot be emphasized enough. “Her capacity to question herself, her identity, and her language, every single day, represents a unique testimony not only to art but to humanity as a whole,” as Nicola Trezzi aptly put it. Baruch‘s work is characterised by an unmistakable desire to address social and political issues. This attitude is becoming almost determining in today‘s artistic discourse, which is no surprise, regarding the current reality of life and future prospects. So the idea to promote a dialogue between her and young artists came about almost by itself.

While the installation and the editions realised in connection with the show can be seen in the Ground Space, Aerial‘s Attic space showcases the group exhibition Devenir Feuillage (engl. Become Foliage), a cooperation with POUSH (Paris) and curated by Hugo Holger Schneider (Berlin). The show, whose title was suggested by Baruch herself, features six international young artists, referring to her work in one way or another.
Anouk Koch, a participating artist of Devenir Feuillage praises Marion Baruch‘s work for “its observational and denouncing tone seen from the point of view of collective consciousness on the dynamics of systematic power”.

LRRH_‘s last exhibition in the glass house in the centre of Düsseldorf is the first one, in which we play the whole building, not only the Ground- and Attic space. In the long unused living room, kitchen und bathroom, accessible via the stairwell, young students from the Düsseldorf Art Academy present three multimedia-based installations. Like the artists in Devenir Feuillage their interventions respond to Marion Baruch‘s breathtakingly multilateral work. It is a pleasure to conclude the three and a half year adventure LRRH_ Aerial, started in June 2021, with this unforgettable encounter. (LRRH_ & Noah Stolz)



LRRH_Aerial Cube #2 Nov 21 - Mar 22


Devenir Feuillage

Arda Asena
Amélie Bernard
Ernest Kankam
Anouk Koch
Amalia Laurent
Joachim Perez


in collaboration with POUSH
and curated by Hugo Holger Schneider for LRRH_

Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"
Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"
Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"
Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"


Devenir Feuillage

students of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf,
class Prof. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
organised by Karisma Oluchukwu Ekeh


Daria Nazarenko & Rabea Chatha

Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"
Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"

Qijia You & Nadine Karl

Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"
Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"

Amber Theisen & Benjamin J. Enders

Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"
Paulina Hoffmann "Protektion 2"