Liliane Lijn Veiled #3 pink

LRRH_ Chain Letter #1 (2023)

in cooperation with Marc Brandenburg and Viron Erol Vert

LRRH_ Contribution #2
Gloves by Hugo Holger Schneider (2022)

Digital printed & embroidered
72% PA 28% EA
Woman size M
Edition of 3 + 2 APs

Devenir Feuillage (2023)

Video, 1:30, colour, sound

Exhibition in collaboration mit Poush and curated by Hugo Holger Schneider for LRRH_

Camera and edit_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Sound Design_ Aniello Verolla as part of Anouk Kochs Artwork SELL THE KID FOR FOOD

Artworks_ Arda Asena, Amélie Bernard, Ernest Kankam, Anouk Koch, Amalia Laurent, Joachim Perez

The exhibition at the attic showroom of LRRH_ Aerial refers, like the positions by students of Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, to the new show Everything Begins With Nature And Ends In The Supermarket by Marion Baruch at LRRH_ Aerial.

I wouldn‘t have ever expected my first curated group show as so romantic, fragile and dreamy. All came together in such a natural way – we were even surprised by our selfs. Everything appears so minimal but the pieces are siblings and their family is deeply strange and strong.

If you are dare enough to take a look under the surface, you will get embraced by their softly dimmed down dark souls. That is what they have all in common.

And an attic as an exhibition space shares exactly that vibe for me. Now, after the installation process, I would say, my link to Marion Baruch is on a kind of familiar level, like a version of your Grandma in a version of her attic.

Woke in Blue (2023)

Video, 14:46, colour, sound

Woke In Blue is the documentation of performances by Sagí Amir Gros and FRZNTE in the attic of LRRH_ AERIAL in Düsseldorf, surrounded by photographies of Thomas Lohr.

Camera and edit_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Costumes_ starstyling Berlin
Music_ Nicolas de Zorzi, Georg Friedrich Händel, Born In Flamez

Krieg und Frieden (2022)

Video, 8:09, colour, sound

Video_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Artwork_ Christian Aberle

Apollo, Apollo (2022)

Video, 3:14, colour, sound

Espace Louis Vuitton Venezia 23 April – 27 November 2022
Collateral event of the 59th international art exhibition La Biennale di Venezia

Video_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Voice_ Jens Schneider

LRRH_ Art Edition by
Ekin Onat (2017)

Video, 7:47, colour, sound

Video_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Music_ Seelenhof
Artwork_ Ekin Onat & Michal Cole

Scarfymovie 25 (2012)

Video, 12:35, colour, sound

Directed by_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Starring_ Michael Giardina
Camera_ Christian Fussenegger
Music_ NSI.
Produced by_ Hugo Holger Schneider
Produczion assistant_ Thea Langen
Executive Producer_ Daniela Görgens
Thanks to_ Bilbo Calvez, Elke Kania, Christian Aberle

Artworks_ Christian Aberle, Alexandra Bircken, Marc Brandenburg, Alicja Kwade, Lucy McKenzie, Florian Merkel, Paulina Orlowska, Anton Unai, Johannes Wohnseifer, Richard Woods



Hugo Holger Schneider studied Fashion Design at Lette-Verein, Berlin. He lives and works in Berlin as a freelance costume and stage designer, stylist, fashion and music video director and artist. As a long term visual collaborator of Perera Elsewhere he creates her art work, music videos and other visual content to define ELSEWHERE. He has been designing costumes and sets for Bruce LaBruce and Peaches at Hau Berlin, Jessica Glause at Schauspiel Frankfurt and Yona Kim at opera houses in Seoul, Kassel, Braunschweig, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Osnabrück, Schwetzingen and at “Münchener Biennale”, among others. He regularly supports the team of LRRH_ ART EDITION BY in the implementation of their projects and became part of the design-team starstyling Berlin in 2009, for whom he also directed several fashion videos. In 2017 he joined the artist collective NUANS.

Hugo Holger Schneider studierte Modedesign am Lette-Verein, Berlin. Er ist freischaffender Kostüm- und Bühnenbildner, Stylist, Mode- und Musikvideoregisseur und Künstler, und lebt in Berlin. Als langjähriger visueller Kollaborateur von Perera Elsewhere gestaltet er ihr Artwork, Musikvideos und andere visuelle Inhalte, um ELSEWHERE zu definieren. Er entwarf Kostüme und Bühnenbilder, u.a. für Bruce LaBruce und Peaches am Hau Berlin, Jessica Glause am Schauspiel Frankfurt und Yona Kim an Opernhäusern in Seoul, Kassel, Braunschweig, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Osnabrück, Schwetzingen und bei der „Münchener Biennale“. Er unterstützt regelmäßig das Team von LRRH_ ART EDITION BY bei der Umsetzung ihrer Projekte und wurde 2009 Teil des Designteams starstyling Berlin, für das er auch mehrere Modevideos drehte.Seit 2017 ist er Teil des Künstlerkollektivs NUANS.